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The Mission of Emergency Response
Changes of the times and the world ceaselessly put the new issues into our history. Every major reformation, turbulence, decline, rise, prosperity, is the result of interaction between human and nature. Tsunami, earthquake, flood, volcano, riot, pestilence, war…break out frequently on every corner of the world, affecting human beings. Under the setting of mutual influence between human and nature, emergency response industry comes into being. What we need to do are scientific forecasting & early warning for accidents, and reducing loss to the minimum. Emergency response and public safety industry shoulder high expectation and compelling responsibility. It is the industry and field with social mission and obligation.
    Our industry is very young, so is our enterprise. It is a long journey lying before us that relieve the pain and reduce the loss caused by disaster. Creating wealth is enterprise's goal, but to create greater social wealth is our enterprise's idea. Our eternal pursuit is perfectly displayed with wisdom under the guide of the heart of making contributions to society. We must create not only enterprise value but also social value.
    We will keep a foothold in domestic market and march to international market, build national brand and international influence in emergency field, perfect innovation, technology, product and service, and make more and greater contribution for the construction of the harmonious social environment, and protecting life property and social stability.