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    Beijing Global Safety Technology Co., LTD (Global Safety) stems from Tsinghua University and is a Tsinghua holding high-tech enterprise and subordinate to Institute of Public Safety Research, Tsinghua University. Our company relies on technology superiority of Institute of Public Safety Research, Tsinghua University in the effort to industrialize public safety and emergency response and support long-term development for public safety course of Tsinghua University. By means of commercialization of research findings and social practice, enrich public safety scientific connotation and the industry chain, and make contributions to society and our country. 
    Based on mature mechanism of university-industry association of Tsinghua University, Global Safety possess complete independent intellectual property and core technology in the area of key technology system and equipment of emergency response platform. Gained almost hundreds of software copyrights and patents at home and abroad, and be awarded the National Scientific and Technological Progress first prize, our company is the top figure in the field.
    The products and services of Global Safety contain integrated emergency response for public safety, monitoring and surveillance, forecasting and early warning, relevant system and equipment for rescue command. On-site on-line consultation, mobile emergency response platform, airship for emergency monitoring, personal facilities, emergency material networking, industry safety monitoring and control, etc, have manufacture bases at Beijing, Wuhan, and Hefei.  
    The user group of Global Safety contains General Office of the State Council, all level governments of province (including provinces, Autonomous Regions, and municipalities directly under the Center Government, almost 20 totally), city(state), county(city), town, besides, departments and industry such as civil defense, police and fire force, security supervision, nuclear emergency response, electronic inspection and electricity, seas and maritime, civil administrative relief, petrochemical industry, etc. What’s more, Global Safety’s core software and hardware and overall solutions for public safety and emergency response have gone out of the country to overseas, contributing for other countries to build complete emergency call taking& dispatch system and command & control system.
    Global Safety will continue to serve for country and the people, to scan widely international stage, and to "be committed to public safety, and construct a harmonious society"