1. Participate in the U.S.A Illinois State Emergency Conference and Won Awards
  2. Visit Texas FEMA Training Base of the U.S.A
  3. Visit Illinois State Emergency Center
  4. Visit Firefighting Command Center of Japan Ministry of Internal Affairs
  5. Visit the UK Derbyshire Emergency Center
  6. Visit Venezuela and Conduct Exchange on Emergency Technology
  7. Participate in ECU-911 Project Seminar
  8. Visit Laughborough University of the UK
  9. Participate in International Fire Safety Science Conference
  10. Visit Chicago Emergency Center of the U.S.A
  11. Participate in Asia-Pacific Public Safety Science Technology Conference
  12. Visit Japan Transport Ministry
  13. Visit Ecuador Exchange System Construction
  14. Visit Taiwan Disaster Prevention Education Base
  15. Visit UIUC Public Safety Research Center of the U.S.A