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BJTV Top Talk on Fortune Interview Executive Vice President of Global Safety Su Guofeng

2012-08-31 15:01
    26th August, Beijing Television Station broadcasted Top Talk on Fortune—Emergency Industry Raised in the Disaster, introducing relevant contents about Chinese emergency industry.
    Su Guofeng,the executive vice-president of Beijing Global Safety Technology Corp. LDT (Global Safety), took part in the program recording, and discussed the problems and solutions existing in Chinese emergency industry development with other guests: Xing Yongjie, the commissioner of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission for Social  Development,Zhaozhu, the deputy Party secretary of Xinxing Cathay International Group Co., Ltd-Xinxing Heavy Industry Co,. Ltd, the president of Beijing Sanxing Corporation, and Chen Jianming, the director of world-wide affairs of Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Top Talk on Fortune recording scene
    From emergency dewatering equipment to lifesaving hammer, public security awareness is growing increasely, government and related enterprises also realize the importance of developing emergency industry. Emergency industry has good development prospect in China,However, current situation of Chinese emergency industry is not optimistic because of standard lack, policies lagging, and manufacture without clear direction.
    In the program, enumerate experience of the U.S.A and Japan: the U.S.A strengthened and perfected emergency industry model management after the 9/11 incident and Japan government carried out Basic Law of Disaster Countermeasure for sound preventing disaster and reducing damage.Lay stress on developing emergency industry in China.To develop emergency industry in China, we should learn development experiences of foreign countries.To develop emergency industry, we have to break development bottleneck, improve facilities innovation rapidly, perfect industry program and industry standards, strengthen quality supervision, and prompt degree of involvement.To develop emergency industry and product rapidly and steadily, we have to increase independent innovation, and move towards road— introduction, application, and re-innovation.
    Su Guofeng, executive vice president of Beijing Global Safety Technology Corp. LDT, suggested four recommendations on basic thinking of Chinese emergency industry development:
    First, government is the leader in emergency industry development process— industry guidance, public service, and market supervision.
    Second, firmly implement and follow national departments constituted industry orientation and instruction.
    Third, reasonably and effectively integrate industry resources for prompting emergency industry development.
    Attach important to development of public safety technology to prompt emergency rescue products innovation ability and technical content.