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Global Safety’s Overseas Project is Reported by the Xinhua News Agency and Foreign Media

2012-10-16 15:02
    Ecuador’s national ECU-911 system construction project and urban safety emergency command system, built by Beijing Global Safety Technology Corp., LDT, have been successfully operated, all which is reported by the Xinhua News Agency, aviation magazine and news media.
    Xinhua News Agency reports:
Ecuador’s urban safety emergency command and control center built by Chinese enterprise
Source: the Xinhua News Agency

 On September 22th, in the largest city Guayaquil of Ecuador, staffs are working at the urban safety emergency command and control center “ECU-911” built by Chinese enterprise.
    The urban safety emergency command and control center “ECU-911”, located in Guayaquil, is Ecuador national safety command center with the largest scale and the most advanced facilities in South America. The radiation scope of the center includes the Guayas Province, where the Guayaquil is located, and the adjacent province San Aliana.
The center is designed and built by China Electronics Import and Export Corporation (CEIEC), and all software of the center is provided by CEIEC. The safety command and control center, unveiled by Ecuador’s President Correa on February 6th 2012, makes the “911” as the only alarm number, and includes many emergency departments, such as police, fire-fighting, and emergency treatment, etc. 
The news of Global Safety’s overseas construction project is reported by an aviation magazine: