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Nuclear and Radiation Emergency Response Platform

    Nuclear and Radiation Emergency Response Platform which has comprehensively covered nuclear emergency response plan’s tasks and elements provides the strongest technique support for the daily management, emergency response preparation and disposal in the field of nuclear and radiation. Nuclear and Radiation Emergency Response Platform includes: An comprehensive forecasting and analysis model for nuclear and radiation accidents which may triggered by vital natural disasters like earthquake, flooding, meteorology, tsunami, etc.;  and models for source item analysis, source item reflection, multiscale spreading, oceanic spreading, integrated consequence assessment(such as in terms of environment, personnel, economics, society, public opinion, etc.) ;  and nuclear emergency response decision-making model based on GIS and real-time site situations(such as meteorology, rainfall, road, electricity, communication conditions); and massive crowd evacuation model; as well as digitalized emergency response plan, one-touch dispatch and various information visualizations; and radiation monitoring and dispatching platform; it can also be used as a platform for nuclear emergency response simulation and training. 
    Equipment specified for nuclear and radiation emergency response includes: mobile radiation monitoring cabin, radiation monitoring and dispatching platform, individual nuclear emergency response terminal, radiation monitoring airship, radiation monitoring vehicle, nuclear emergency protection package, etc. More new nuclear and radiation emergency response products are under research and development.