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Three-dimensional Electronic Sand Table

    Three-dimensional electronic sand table fully embodies “group consultation uniformly and accurately” concept with characteristics of visible, synergy, analysis, and decision-making. Electronic sand table realistically simulates surrounding terrain and landform where incident happened. Commanders can convenient deduce situation and trend, and work out comprehensive and detailed plan for making decision. The electronic sand table effectively organizes user’s professional spatial data and relevant business data, operation can be available through touch-screen by interactive gestures. Geographical information data, high-definition aerial image, and high-definition satellite image can be displayed on the table and built a three-dimensional scene where plotting, navigation, analysis, and making plan can be available, and issuing according to acquirements. Three-dimensional electronic sand table is equipped with functions that virtual-scene simulation, cooperating plotting (on-line consultation), flight control, three-dimensional control panel, management for key location and key protecting target and hazard source, emergency response plotting, and related multi-media. Three-dimensional electronic sand table can be vehicle-mounted or equipped on command scene.