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Global Safety Rushed to Support National Rescue Team Urgent Rescue of Ya’an Lushan Earthquake

2013-04-24 11:28
    At 8:02 am 20th April 2013, magnitude 7 earthquake happened in Sichuan Ya’an Lushan which is high valued by Global Safety leaders. Leaders called for urgent teleconference and got in touch with State Administration of Work Safety Supervision emergency command center. State Administration of Quality and Technical Supervision called national mine rescue team to disaster area, and Global Safety organized “4.20 Ya’an Lushan Earthquake Emergency Technology Support Group”.In the group, Hongyong Yuan was headman who was charge of total coordination, and Fengyun Zhao was deputy headman who was responsible for communication.Yue Wang and Xinyu Zhang, two of the group members, provided technical support in Beijing for comman d center.Subsidiary of Global Safety staff including Bao Chen, Zhenhua Feng, and Zongyang Cao supplied technical support on-site.Bao Chen and Zhenhua Feng with emergency devices rushed to disaster area from Guangzhou and Hefei and assembled with the Lotus Team in Lushan county. At the same time, Zongyang Cao in Gansu was standby with team of Jingyuan rescue team.
    After the two technical supporters met with Lotus Team, they coordinated with the rescue team for rescue supporting task. Though the emergency platform equipped by emergency command vehicle, site rescue image and relevant rescue information are timely sent to Sichuan province emergency management office. It plays an important role to support the office reporting the on-site situation to the earthquake rescue headquarters.
    At the present, Louts Team has completed the rescue task and back to Yibin base and our two technical supporters have transferred to the rescue headquarter in Tianquan county and wait for new assignment. Meanwhile, another technical supporter with Jinyuan rescue team has completed standby task. During this earthquake rescue supporting task, the two sets of on-site emergency platform equipment that are outfitted by the two national mine emergency rescue teams have operated stably and sent on-site audio, video and relevant rescue information according to multi-level organizations requirement as well as conducting real-time coordinative consultation. It played an important role for supporting the earthquake rescue task.